April 2012
with videoendlich, home+ kommt wieder nach hause - auf den Campus der HFT Stuttgart
December 2011
50.000 Euro for innovation in higher education
November 2011
Award in building integrated solar engineeging competition
October 2011
Book in english about Solar Decathlon is released!
July 2011
Sunny inauguration of home+ in Ulm
home+ live in Ulm
January 2011
New printmedia and film
October 2010
Forecast for next few months
Rückblick auf die letzten Monate
Veröffentlichungen der letzten Zeit (Auswahl)
June 2010
with video27.6 The final: Third rank overall, two more awards and a big party
with video25.6 First Prize “Innovation”, Visit of our key sponsor
24.6 Another award: Third prize in "Sustainability"
23.6 World Champion in Engineering and Construction!
21.6.-22.6 Sun and no clouds, second jury visits
with video19.6.-20.6 Technical Improvement, first half of Jury Visits
18.6. The first day of the competition and the first propper house tours
with video17.6. One more day to go, Inauguration Ceremony and more VIP to visit
16.6. We are the first ones to pass “Final Inspection”!
15.6. Beautification, more on eletrical systems... First VIP visitors!
14.6. Inspection for electrical and PV installation passed, first “House Tour”
11.6.-13.6. Assembly: rain, rain, rain..., a broken collector and then moments of success
with video7.6.-10.6. Arrival at Madrid and Start of Assembly
3.6.-7.6. Departure and travelling to Madrid
May 2010
Delegation from Morocco got exited
Major of City Construction from Schorndorf visiting the building site
President of the German federal architectual assosiacion visited home+
April 2010
Guided tour Energy Committee Leonberg
with videoRoofing Ceremony
Association Workshop at the FH Technikum Vienna
February 2010
CEP Exhibition in Stuttgart - Clean Energy and Passive House
home+ on tour
Stuttgart team was represented at the Bautec!
January 2010
with videoFull engagement
Exhibition DeuBau in Essen
December 2009
Construction started. Finally!
with videoProject presentation at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology
with videohome+ on air!
November 2009
Buildings Physics Meeting
with videoPresentation at the Deutsche Bank
Solar Decathlon at "The 8th Long Night of Museums" in Böblingen/Sindelfingen
October 2009
Solar Decathlon 2009 in Washington
Solar Summits 2009 in Freiburg
September 2009
Meeting of the German teams in Berlin
with videoSuccessful completion of "Deliverable 3"
August 2009
Visit to the exposition "Raumprobe"
Patronage by Mayor Dr. Wolfgang Schuster
July 2009
home+ on subway TV
with videoPresentation in the House of Architects
June 2009
home+ presentation at the university
SDEurope on the consense
Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology supports all German teams
Internal Workshop III
Visit the company Würth Solar
Meeting company Müller Blaustein
Prime Minister Günther Oettinger is our patron
May 2009
with videoWorkshop Madrid
Visit SD House 2007
Intern Workshop II
April 2009
First intern workshop
March 2009
Sponsoring search
Kick Off
February 2009
First phase completed
December 2008
We’ve selected the concept, with which we will enter the race
October 2008
We’re taking part