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December 2009


On 10 December 2009 the construction started at our wood constructor and sponsor MüllerBlaustein. The building now doesn’t exist only in drawings bur will also be realised and is getting bigger from day to day. The prefabricated modules will be transported in February 2010 from Ulm to our university in Stuttgart, where they will be assembled. After the interior construction, building physics tests and technical assembly checks, the modules will be disassembled and shipped to Madrid.

A part of the SDE core team was able to examine the first building phase on 16 December on location. The team investigated the current situation of the production and had the possibility to see the structural elements first hand.

The sub-construction of the building with adjustable pylons and stiffening elements made it possible to get a feeling for the real dimensions. Further, structural elements with the prefabricated connections were also visible.

After a short excursion to the whole factory facilities, the team travelled home filled with excitement about the realisation of the Home+ contribution for SDE 2010.