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April 2010

Roofing Ceremony

Under a sunny sky, the roofing ceremony took place on 20 April 2010 with 300 guests on site.

The Rector Prof. Rainer Franke welcomed State Secretary Dr. Dietrich Birk, representatives of various ministries, craftsmen, sponsors, students, the press and TV reporters as well as all guests, and emphasised the importance of the interdisciplinary cooperation of the different faculties of the university.

State Secretary Dr. Birk praised the contribution for future-oriented and energy-efficient building and passed on wishes for success in Madrid.

Prof. Andreas Löffler, Dean of the Faulty of Architecture and Design, focussed on the possibilities for students to take part in this interdisciplinary project and thanked all contributors.

The absolute highlight of the afternoon was the traditional roofing slogan performed by the carpenter Reinhold Müller from the company MüllerBlaustein. It was a moving moment when the carpenter called out “wood, wood,” and the audience replied with a strong and loud “wood here.”

Project leader Prof. Dr. Jan Cremers thanked all the participants who have worked on the project and applauded the contribution of the students.

Then long queues formed as the visitors were led through the house. Students could try their skills out as guides, something they’ll need to do during the competition in Madrid.

A happy and relaxed celebration with beer and soup followed, ending in the early morning hours for the craftsmen and construction helpers.