7.6.-10.6. Arrival at Madrid and Start of Assembly < ... 1/10 ... >

7-10 Juni 2010

On Monday at 12am the assembly period officially started. At 2pm we have already unloaded the first truck and at 9pm we finished the substructure of the modules which has been approved on only some 3 minutes. We have been the first team to achieve this mile-stone! But unfortunately we have also gained another first position: the first accident. A steel frame fell on the foot of one of our students, directly behing the steel cap of his safety boots. Luckily the injury was not too bad at the end but the accident has made clear to everybody that especially in the assembly phase security is an extremly importan issued we all have to care about as best as we can.

In the meantime we have placed all the building modules and gap elements. Tomorrow, we will start with the exterior and the PV. For now, we are well on schedule even though the weather is strange for Madrid in June: Rain for two days now and temperatures of 17-18 °C.


Wer übrigens mehr Bilder sehen will, findet auch jetzt schon etwas unter Galerie.