14.6. Inspection for electrical and PV installation passed, first “House Tour” < ... 1/13 ... >

14 June 2010

The replacement ceiling boards that originally have been due to deliver on Saturday, have finally arrived at lunch time today – this is late but we will still manage to install them. Today late afternoon we have also passed the inspection of our eletrical and PV systems. Tomorrow the SDE meters will be installed and then we will get the final connection to the grid. This means we will no longer need the generator – a pleasure not only for our ears.

We were also able to sent home our crane driver with his crane finally after having relocated the two big containers. Today we had beautiful sunshine with one short but heavy thunder storm. Afterwards, Siggi showed around the first group of interested guests – the first “House Tour”.

From the outside everything looks quite ok now but there is still a lot to do with the interior. So no time to fully relax already but we have done a big step today for sure...