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15 June 2010

Tomorrow will be the last day of the assembly period. So everybody has to continue to work for 100%. The landscaping has been nearly finished. In the interior, the ceilings will be fully finished by tomorrow morning. In the meantime we have the plants, some have been put to their place already.

The official meters have been installed and the house has been connected to the main supply but only at 9 pm unfortunately. Some other teams are slightly behind schedule, for example also Berlin. We have offered our help there which has been highly appreciated: Dennis and Matthias have helped with their terrace a little bit.

Today again we had a lot of interested visitors, amongst others a representative of the Spanish “Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio” and Richard King, a key person of the Solar Decathlon history – on the image in front of our facade that he fortunately seems to like...