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16 June 2010

After a night of heavy working for many and an intensive working day for even more, we have reached another milestone today. We have passed “Final Inspection” at 8:25 pm, so right on time. And we have been the first team to get to this point. Of course this means not too much but we are very happy and it will also strengthen the team!

There might be some teams that will not get to this point today – more many different reasons not only relating to them (houses sometimes underwater, strikes at the harbour etc). We will see how this will develop.

We also have not finished everything, more cleaning and minor repairs will be needed which is no problem as this is even allowed during the competition week. The approval today also means that we are allowed to open home+ to the public. This might be interesting already tomorrow as after the official inauguration ceremony there are visitors expected. One of them will be the Spanish prince and princess to arrive at the Villa Solar at 6pm. They probably will not visit our house but in the context of their visits other VIP are expected and – maybe – some of them might be interested in home+...