17.6. One more day to go, Inauguration Ceremony and more VIP to visit < ... 1/13 ... >

17 June 2010

One more day to go before the official start of the competition. Today we have used the day for final preparation, cleaning etc. Apart from that there was the Inauguration Ceremony, an event with really a lot of people, all the decathlets, a lot of guests and VIP. Among them the minister for housing in Spain. Later she stopped by in front of our house to give an interview for the television. After this the German ambassador got a priavte house tour. In the evening the Spanish prince visited the Villa Solar (the tall gentlemen with the light jacket and the red tie). He did not visit our house but he stopped by and talked with us. He was interested and expressed his beshed wishes.

Our main task in the near future is to prepare the Jury Visits which will begin for us on Sunday. Also, we have to optimize our strategy of running the house and of avoiding any mistakes that might lead to a loss of points. But all this now mostly depends on the students as all the tasks may only be executed by student “decathlets”.