18.6. The first day of the competition and the first propper house tours < ... 1/6 ... >

18 June 2010

Today the competition has started at 8 am. From now on, the schedule of the day will be in principle a change of competition times and house tours for visitors. In the competition times, meassurements are ongoing and only a maximum of 6 decathlets are permitted to be in the house, no public. Today this has been from 8 to 11am, then from 1pm to 5pm and again from 8pm until 10pm. In the meantime we are welcoming visitors and do guided house tours with them. Today, there were already plenty of people but it will be more in the next two days: weekend!

We do not have the results of the day yet but starting from tomorrow the points of the day before will be published. We expect them to be listed also on the official website: www.sdeurope.org. Apart from all this we are still very busy preparing the Jury Visits.