27.6 The final: Third rank overall, two more awards and a big party < ... 1/10 ... >

27 June 2010

Today we have seen the showdown. Before the official ranking has been anounced we have received two more awards: 2nd in “Appliances and Functioning” and another 2nd for “Solar Systems”.

In the final overall ranking we have made the 3rd place after Virginia and Rosenheim. Congratulations from our side!

Looking at the scores it becomes clear that has been extremly close. And taking into consideration that the Virginia house has been already in the 2009 US competition we can be even more proud of our achievement!

Therefore, there will be big party all night long. Finally there is some time for student exchange including T-Shirts: Great!

Unfortunately already by tomorrow morning there will be time pressure again when the disassembly-phase starts at 10am. And this will be tough again as everything has to leave by Friday 6pm. We will have to be careful not to destroy anything or get into safety issues. On Monday 5th of July home+ will arrive in Stuttgart.

Finally, a big thank you to all the team that has done a tremendous job, but also to all the other crew and internal and external partners. Without all of you this could have never happened!