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Award in building integrated solar engineeging competition

We have submitted home+ by the architectural competition Building-Integrated Solar Technology 2011 and won the exceptional price for student works. 84 projects from 13 countries were considered by the jury. The jury founded that home+ has convincing smart energy concept achieved through innovative photovoltaic-thermal collectors.

By integrating solar power systems in the roof or façades of buildings in an architecturally and technically sophisticated manner, architects can increase the awareness of both builders and the public regarding the possibilities for combining buildings with solar technology, and thus help renewable energies become more widespread. To increase acceptance and to foster awareness of this topic, the Bavarian Association for the Promotion of Solar Energy (SeV Bayern) is organizing the competition "Building-Integrated Solar Technology2011".

The SeV hopes that the award will encourage the planning and designing of excellent building-integrated solar power systems, and thus showcase exemplary solutions in qualitatively sophisticated architecture.