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The draft is designed for a one- or two-person household and is based on creative and energy consumption considerations. An emphasis is put on the integration of solar energy technologies. The starting point is a compact, highly insulated volume, which has a relatively large inner surface in relation to the overall area. It uses the basic principles of traditional examples from similar regions, like the wind towers in the Arab world and patios, which are widespread in Spain. The combination of new materials and technologies available today makes it possible to create an element that allows high level of comfort together with low energy consumption significantly shaping the design and spatial perception of the building.

The volume is divided into modules, which are arranged with some distance from each other. The resulting gaps are used for lighting, ventilation, heating in winter and passive cooling in summer. A special role is played by the climatically-active gap, the so-called energy tower, which contributes to the interaction of wind and evaporative cooling producing a pleasant indoor climate in hot and dry regions, such as Madrid.