HFT Stuttgart

The Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences (HFT Stuttgart) was founded in 1832 as a wintertime construction school for craftsmen and renamed 1869 into "Royal Württemberg Construction School". Today the university offers various Bachelor and Master courses in the fields of building, engineering and design, as well as in mathematics, computer sciences and business administration. The practice and implementation-oriented education follows the motto: "We turn knowledge into skill and people into personalities".


The building energy research at the (HFT Stuttgart) is concentrated since 2002 at the "Centre for Applied Research - Sustainable Energy Technology“ (zafh.net). Under the direction of Professor Dr. Ursula Eicker, more than 20 researchers in interdisciplinary groups work on the development of innovative energy concepts, components of solar heating and cooling technologies and on modelling and simulation of systems and buildings. Energy concepts for city districts are also an important research topic.
Further information at: www.zafh.net

Projects Worldwide

The HFT Stuttgart realises student projects in Germany and abroad.

  • Project Ait Bouguemez Maroc
  • Shelter People
  • 5. Xella student competition in 2007/2008 life over the Rhine – a residential bridge for Duisburg
  • InterfaceFLOR of student competition successful participation with architecture competition

Further information at: www.hft-stuttgart.de/Aktuell/StudentischeProjekte/