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Mai 2009

Workshop Madrid

On the 26May 09 we landed in Madrid to participate in the workshop organized by our hosts from 27 to 29 May 2009.

During this time we received a lot of information about the organisation and some general aspects of the competition. In the smaller groups, we learned some specific information about our project and used the opportunity to clear questions with the organisers of the competition. On the last day of the workshop we went together with the other 19 teams to the designated area for the competition called Villa Solar. There we could get some impressions of the competition area, so we can integrate those aspects into further planning phases.

Our project and the projects of other teams were presented as a model in the Expo Sima in Madrid. We could get some insights into the work of the other teams, but most important we could meet the participating teams.

The workshop in Madrid was very exciting. The hospitality of the Madrid hosts, the charm of the city and the meeting with the 19 participating teams motivated us a lot more. We are very glad to be able to participate in this amazing competition!