11.6.-13.6. Assembly: rain, rain, rain..., a broken collector and then moments of success < ... 1/13 ... >

11-13 June 2010

Up to now there has been heavy rain. This was very difficult and problematic for the assembly process (as already in Stuttgart): Dirt, wooden surfaces and of course work on electrical facilities have been affected. We had to face problems with fuses due to wet cables and switches. The generator regularly stopped as all the teams lacked a building power supply. Installing the large solar modules is difficult due to wet and very slippy glass surfaces. We have to be very careful and this slows down working. We will need the crane for much longer than anticipated. But since the morning, the sky cleares off and now even half the day is sunny. And according to the weather forecast we will have sun for at least two more days...

Another urgent issue is to pass the electrical inspection. The organisation requires a lot but at the same time there are also problems on their side: There is no final electrical supply available yet and they also have to fight against the heavy rain. Some lots are nearly underwater and need continuous pumping.

And this morning we had new problems after having solved the ceiling issues nearly completely: When unwrapping the PVT-collectors we noticed broken glass. Now there was no reserve module any more and we had to be even more careful while installing. Luckily we managed to cope. Now we have to large black eyes but fortunately we are still able to look forward...

Today’s good news was that we have officially passed the plumbing and mechanical inspections. So far we have been working in two shifts but now we will have to change to three. We have lost too much time due to the rain and the damages, also the cleaning takes much longer than foreseen. Everything has to be finished until Wednesday (16.6.), 10pm. If not, we will have to face a penelty in the competition. But fortunately everybody is highly motivated and committed so we all expect to be ready on time. Therefore, we all took a break to watch the world-cup match Germany-Australia. This has to be possible and will also help to intensify the team spirit. This is important for now but also for the jury tours to come soon.

Shortly before the match we have successfully finished our innovative PV-facade – a great moment for all of us!