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19-20 June 2010

Again a lot of things have happened in the last two days. We had to improve our technical facilities due to air in the system for example. These adjustments are to expect if the comissioning phase is that short. Today alreday, everything went pretty ok. Another issue is a significant mismatch of the sensor measurements from the organiser compared to our own. This discussion is still ongoing. This weekend the Villa Solar has been very busy, so nearly the wohle team was on the move constantly:
- Public House Tours
- Preparation of Juries to come
- Organisation of cleaning and maintenance works

Apart from the that, we have managed to set up our sponsor area. Also, we had the first half of the six Jury Visits: Communications, Architecture and Market Viability. Architecture was interesting: Glenn Murcutt, Louisa Hutton and Francisco Mangado. The students that have to due the visits have done very well as I have heard – of course I am not allowed in this meetings. Unfortunately the Architectural Award was not with us at the end. Obviously, we have not met their expections: Accoring to their reports they have been looking for “low cost” and “density” as key words – both is out of our concept linee. The aspects we have looked at carfeully, like “solar integration” have not even been mentioned once by the Jury unfortunately...

Since yesterday, the acual ranking is updated regularly onwww.sdeurope.org. For some time however, this will not provide the full picture as we do not know what points have been counted and which have not.